Standard Dome

Product Information: Standard Dome

SN512 in G10 Dark Green

SN512 in G10 Dark Green



Cat# Mat Watt Dia Ht
512 100W 12" 8 ¼"
514 150W 14" 8 ¼
516 200W 16" 9 3/4
518 300W 18" 11 ⅝
520 300W 20" 12 ⅝





Reflector: Spun from heavy gauge aluminum with an rolled in bead.

Lamp Types:

  • Incandescent: 300W, Medium base porcelain socket. Medium base standard. Mogul on request with 518 and 520 only.
  • LED: Requires External Driver Enclosure.
    • LED(850/1250): Cree LMH2 Module with Osram Driver
    • LVE01: Cree CXA COB with Osram Driver, Requires Glass Jar
  • CFL: Requires External Driver Enclosure.
  • HPS: Requires External Driver Enclosure.
  • MH: 150W Max Requires External Driver Enclosure.

Mounting: Top Mounting with 3/4 NPT. For outdoor use, Teflon tape should be used around threads.
Finish: Powder Coat Finish for Outdoor use. Complete color selection found at
Certification: Built to UL 1598 and UL Certified for Damp and Wet Locations.


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