Product Information: Industrialite


APPLICATION: Retail stores, restaurants, cafeterias, gymnasiums, convention centers, auditoriums and other large public spaces that require highly versatile, energy efficient light sources. The Industrialite series is available with up to 8 high output compact fluorescent lamps or a single HID source. With optional multi-switch legs or dimming capabilities and instant-on operation the IND offers virtually unlimited light level configurations.
HOUSING: Heavy gauge spun aluminum ballast compartment. This design ensures maximum cooling of the heat sensitive electronic components and promote long, maintenance free fixture life.
OPTICS: Precision spun aluminum dome reflector with white powder coat finish and over 80% optical efficiency.
MOUNTING: The IND may be attached to a 1/2” or 3/4”pendant or bracket. Optional hook, loop, power hook receptacle, cord and plug and other convenience options are available. See options and accessories in the ordering guide.
FINISH: Standard ballast housing and aluminum reflector finish is white powder coat. Optional powder coat finishes are available at an additional cost. See ordering guide for complete list of finishes.
APPROVALS: Listed with Underwriter’s Laboratories for WET LOCATIONS. C-UL Listed for Canada.


LAMP TYPES: 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 GX24Q-4 base 4-pin triple tube compact fluorescent lamps in either 26, 32 or 42 watts. Optional multiple switch leg option allows stepped dimming by separately controlling the operation of 4, 6 or 8 lamps. Choose from 2700°K, 3000°K, 3500°K, or 4100°K color temperature triple tube type CFL lamps.
BALLAST: Highest quality microprocessor controlled auto sensing electronic ballast. Class P thermal protected and class A sound rated. Universal volt- age and wattage ballasts allows for 120 through 277 volt input and 26, 32 or 42 watt lamp operation. Optional continuous dimming requires a 2 wire 0-10 volt dimmer. Emergency battery powered ballast option available.
LAMPHOLDERS: Compact fluorescent sockets are GX24Q-4 base universal 4-pin socket for 26, 32 or 42 watt triple tube lamps.


LAMP TYPES: Choice of 50 through 400 watt metal halide, pulse start metal halide or high pressure sodium. 
Fixtures are supplied with a clear H. I. D. lamp
BALLAST: High Intensity fixtures incorporate a normal power factor Class H core and coil reactor 
type ballast with integral ignitor.
LAMPHOLDER: 4KV pulse rated porcelain base with nickel plated screw shell.


LAMP TYPES: LED's are Cree CXA COB Series, Up to 4 COBs per fixture.
DRIVER: Drivers are produced by Osram Sylvania, OT40 Programmable 
with 0-10V dimming, Universal Voltage, 120-277V
Lumen Levels: 850, 1250, 2000, 3000 per COB module.
Cooling: Comes with passive and active cooling options. 
Certification: Built to UL 1598 & 8750
Product Builder: Industrialite

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