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Edison Coach

See our latest addition to the RLM decorative reflector collection.


The Highly Styled TTF Series lighting fixture lends itself perfectly to a variety of decorative lighting applications. Its direct lighting design is the ideal solution for upscale retail spaces, restaurants and other public areas. Its twin tube fluorescent lamp configuration and contemporary design provide the upmost in aesthetic appeal and effective lighting distribution.


The Bock Brilliante series is available with up to 8 high output compact fluorescent lamps or a single HID source. With optional multi-switch legs or dimming capabilities and instant-on operation the BRL offers virtually unlimited light level configurations.

RLM Configurator

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Bock Lighting, founded in 2009 strives to be an innovator in the lighting industry with its quality products and service. Bocks founders have decades of experience in the lighting industry, known for their innovation and commitment to quality.

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RLM Radial Wave Series


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