About Us

In 1918, my great grandfather Ben and his brothers started Spero Lighting/Spero Electric with a commitment to high-quality electrical and lighting products, innovation, and unparalleled customer service. For the next 3 generations, the torch passed down the family line, from my grandfather, Manny, to my father, Mitchell, to me, as our dedication to quality, service, and innovation persisted.

In 2009, Bock Lighting acquired Spero Lighting and together we have continued to offer and advance the high-quality lighting products that my family created. We have also successfully grown into other lighting product categories and now design and manufacture lighting for a number of different applications.

  • The Iconic Bock RLM Series Fixtures
  • Decorative Commercial Fixtures (including, hand blown glass)
  • Vaportight Fixtures
  • Indoor Commercial Fixtures
  • Outdoor Commercial Fixtures (wall, bollards, poles, area, and flood)
  • Custom Fixtures

Today, Bock Lighting is both a local and global lighting company. Our products are manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio, and sold worldwide. Our customers range from single neighborhood stores to national and international retailers. They all demand quality, personal attention, flexibility, and value. I am pleased to say that we meet all of their expectations, every time.

I invite everyone to take a look at Bock Lighting products. Our designs are high-quality, our pricing is sensible, and our service is second to none. Quite simply, we offer the lighting solution my family has spent a century perfecting.