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The Zafferano is a hand-blown European Glass pendant. Its decorative appeal makes it a great application to restaurants, lobbies and hotels. With 24 colorful glass finishes available, you are sure to create the perfect pendant to match the rest of your space.

Material: Hand-Blown European Glass.
Available: Wall Sconce

A30114675391 = Zafferano Weave
A30114655391 = Zafferano Beige Nano 
A30114545391 = Zafferano Black Snake
A30114585391 = Zafferano Black Spider 
A30114595391 = Zafferano Black Strada
A30114495391 = Zafferano Cocca
A30114605391 = Zafferano Cravatta
A30114525391 = Zafferano Earth
A30114465391 = Zafferano Fresco
A30114625391 = Zafferano Gobelin
A30114565391 = Zafferano Grotta
A30114645391 = Zafferano Nano 
A30114615391 = Zafferano Nostaglia
A30114575391 = Zafferano Profondo
A30114455391 = Zafferano Red Nano
A30114445391 = Zafferano Satin White    
A30114535391 = Zafferano Sky
A30114555391 = Zafferano Snake
A30114515391 = Zafferano Spider
A30114635391 = Zafferano Strada
A30114505391 = Zafferano Summit
A30114475391 = Zafferano Sunrise
A30114485391 = Zafferano Sunset
A30114665391 = Zafferano Tangerine               

Lamp Type
MED = (1) 60W Max E26
GU24 = (1) 18W Max
LVG02-(W)-(K) = Cree CXA LED with ERP Driver, 120V Only, 80CRI. Takes 1 Module.
    9W, 950LM, 27/30/35/40K
    13W, 1,400LM, 27/30/35/40K

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