Geodesic Dome

Product Information: Geodesic Dome

Reflector: Aluminum Panels formed to geodesic design.
Certification: cULus

T82-20 = 20”
T82-30 = 30”
T82-40 = 40”

Finish In = iXX Ext = eXX
G0 = Black G1 = White G12 = Brushed Aluminum G25 = Navy Blue  G50 = Neon Orange G51 = Neon Pink G52 = Neon Yellow G53 = Lime Green Neon R* = RAL Color - More color options available on the Bock Lighting website.

Lamp Type
MED = Medium Base E26, 60W Max
GU24 = GU24, 32W Max
LVG02-(W)-(K) = Cree CXA LED with ERP Driver, 120V Only, 80CRI
    9W, 950LM, 27/30/35/40K
    13W, 1,400LM, 27/30/35/40K
LAC01-13W-(K) = 13W, AC LED, 120V Only, 30/40K, 1,000LM, Takes 1 Module.
LBA01-(M)-(LM)-(K) = LBA01 Module, Cree LEDs, 120-277V, 0-10V Dimming
    1 Module M=1 = LM=850(8W)/1250(11W)/2000(19W)/3000(29W)LM, K=27/30/35/40K
   2 Module M=2 = LM=850(16W)/1250(22W)/2000(38W)/3000(58W)LM, K=27/30/35/40K
G24Q(26/32/42) = Triple-Tube 4-Pin Fluorescent, Universal Voltage, Requires Ballast Box

Ballast Box
BCC6C(BK/WH) = Ballast Box for LBA01 & G24Q

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