Galvanized Reflectors

Reflectors are precision spun steel hot dipped galvanized outside and inside for thorough protection. Turned in bottom bead adds strength and prevents the collection of dirt. RLMS are supplied with heavy die-cast flanged mounting hub and left hand thread locknut. 1/2-14 or 3/4-14 hub sizes available to fit selected mounting system. Standard incandescent lamp holders are heavy-duty porcelain with spring loaded center contact and lamp grip screw shell. Medium base is standard on all galvanized RLMs. For globes, guards, H.I.D.,Compact Fluorescent and other options see ordering guides on pages 20–24. All RLMs are Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc.® Listed Suitable for “Wet Location”. Exception: Vented neck units are “Damp Location” listed. C-UL Listed for Canadian Use.

DD Styleview
Galvanized: Radial Waveview

Galvanized: Radial Wave

Reflector Spun from heavy gauge steel with an rolled in bead...

Galvanized: Step Neck Angleview

Galvanized: Step Neck Angle

Cat Max Watt Dia Ht Optional Wire Guard SN 608GV 100W 8 9 10...

Galvanized: Step Neck Deep Bowl / Downlightview

Galvanized: Step Neck Deep Bowl / Downlight

Cat Max Watt Dia Ht Optional Wire Guard SN 908GV 100W 8 7 10...

Galvanized: Step Neck Domeview

Galvanized: Step Neck Dome

Cat Max Watt Dia Ht Optional Wire Guard SN 512GV 100W 12 9 1...