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Balancing practicality with aesthetics, The Nola ingeniously blends with beauty by combining practical engineering with the warm charm of red oak wood. The materials used are wood with an aluminum backing, that is designed for wall or ceiling mounting.


The Nola casts an unobtrusive back glow, bringing character to open surfaces. With customizable wattage ranging from 1250LM to 2000LM and offering various color temperatures to suit your lighting needs, versatility is guaranteed. Standard disks measure 10 inches, but we also offer custom models up to 20 inches, along with the option of custom shapes upon request. Illuminate your space with uniquely crafted beauty.

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The Nola offers a variety of options to suit different tastes and settings. You can choose from three different finishes for the red oak wood: a natural red oak with a clear coat for a classic look, a red oak with a white stain for a brighter feel, or a red oak with a black stain for a more contemporary touch. This versatility ensures that The Nola can seamlessly complement various interior styles while providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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At Bock Lighting, innovation is our cornerstone. We constantly strive to design diverse lighting fixtures that provide to the unique needs of every client, whether they're for residential or commercial spaces. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for pricing inquiries. Your lighting needs are our priority!

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