APPLICATION: SSN series poles may be used on almost any parking area, roadway,or floodlighting application, and because of their strength, flexibility and ability to support multiple fixture assemblies they are especially suited to auto dealership sales lot merchandising.
SHAFT: Weldable grade (ASTM­A500 Grade B) hot rolled commercial quality carbon steel tubing with a minimum yield strength of 46,000 psi. Shafts are one piece construction with a full length longitudinal electric resistance weld. Uniformly square with flat sides and small corner radii, wall thicknesses are 7 gage(.1793”) or 11 gage (.1196”). Shaft width is 4 inches.
ANCHOR BASE: The pole anchor base is fabricated from ASTM­A36 structural quality hot rolled carbon steel plate with a minimum yield strength of 36,000 psi. Base plate is circumferentially welded on both top and bottom and is provided with slotted holes to accommodate a ± 0.5” variation in the rotational flexibility.
ANCHOR BOLTS: All poles include galvanized anchor bolts with zinc ­plated double nuts and washers. Bolts are fabricated 3/4”, commercial quality hot-­rolled carbon steel rod that meets or exceeds a minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi. Bolts have an“L” bend on one end and threaded on the opposite end a minimum of 4”. Four (4) bolts, each furnished with two (2)regular hex nuts, two (2) flat washers and one (1) lock washer are provided per pole.
HAND-HOLE: A rectangular hand hole having nominal dimensions of 2” x 4” is located 12” above the base. A rain tight hand-hole cover plate with attachment hardware is provided. Tamper-proof screws are available.
POLE TOP CAP: Each pole assembly is provided with a removable pole cap. 
GROUNDING: A grounding lug is located immediately inside the hand hole and is tapped for 1/4-­20 UNC ground bolt.
BASE COVER: A two­ piece fabricated base cover completely conceals the entire base plate and anchorage.
FINISH: All poles are finished with a choice of Dark Bronze, Black or White polyester powder.