About Rhea

- D: 6in / H:6.75in
Rhea8 - D: 8in/ H: 8.75in
Rhea10 - D: 10in / H: 10.75in
Rhea16 - D: 16in / H: 16.75in
Rhea20 - D: 20in / H: 20.75in
Rhea24 - D: 24in / H: 24.75in

The highly styled Rhea lighting fixture is the ideal solution for upscale retail spaces, restaurants and hospitality applications. Its direct lighting design and contemporary feel provides the utmost in aesthetic appeal and effective lighting distribution. 

The Rhea can be mounted at ceiling height for overall ambient lighting or stem/cord mounted to provide more localized lighting for task or accent areas. This fixture works well with many architectural styles and is available in a variety of colors.

Want even more customization? Add a pop of color to the band of the fixture!