Reflector: Decorative Reflector with Internal Drivers.
Thermal Management: Heatsink internally with Sunon Active Cooling (60K+ hrs) with redundancy. Thermal shutoff next to each LED module to protect LEDs.
Lens: Frosted Lens over COBs, bottom lens options coming soon.

BGL17: 17.1in Diameter by 15.15in Height

Finish In = iXX / Ext = eXX
G0 = Black G1 = White G7 = Verdigris G8 = Dark Bronze G9 = Silver G11 = Copper
G12 = Brushed Aluminum G16 = Silver Wrinkle R* = RAL Color
More color options available on the Bock Lighting website.

Lamp Type
LBA01-(M)-(LM)-(K) = LBA01 Module, Cree LEDs, Philips Driver, 120-277V, 0-10V Dimming, Active Cooling, > 14.3 db.
    1 Module M=1 = LM=3000LM, K=27/30/35/40K, 29W
    2 Module M=2 = LM=6000LM, K=27/30/35/40K, 58W
    3 Module M=3 = LM=9000LM, K=27/30/35/40K, 87W
    4 Module M=4 = LM=12000LM, K=27/30/35/40K, 116W

UP = Uplight, Optional, Kelvin is same as Lamp Type, 8W

503 = 3 Aircraft Cable with Cord, 10ft. Black or White Cord.

Spec Sheet

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