For customers, shopping is increasingly becoming experience-oriented. In the fierce competition prevalent in retail, only signature brands, chain, department stores and local shops with an attractive store design can attract customers. Decorative lighting plays a key role in the design, ambiance and message of the store. Visually appealing lighting fixtures draw customers to a store.  

Bock Lighting products provide architects, shop owners and lighting designers, with unique decorative lighting. Bock also provides custom lighting options to customers that are looking for their own brand design. Bock Lighting provides unique quality lighting products for customers.  

Featured Products:
Flamingo Chandelier Bock Lighting’s decorative European glass Flamingo, offers retailers the WOW factor that draws customers into their space.  The Flamingo is hand-blown glass made in Poland, by experienced craftsmen.  Glass Color options come in 6 standard color options (White, Crystal, Amber, Espresso, Pink, Fog, and Blue). The Flamingo also comes in pendant and wall configurations. 

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About Bock 
Bock Lighting, founded in 2009 strives to be an innovator in the lighting industry with its quality products and service. Bock Lightings’ team has decades of experience in the lighting industry and are known for their innovation and commitment to quality. Bock’s product line includes RLM, Decorative European Glass, Architectural Area Lighting, Bollards, Wall Packs, Floodlights, High/Low Bays, Vapor-tights and custom design fixtures. All product offerings come in multiple lamp types including new Energy Efficient alternatives.