While we at Bock strive to offer a wide range of standard products including fixtures suitable for every type of project, we realize that each project has its own unique challenges and demands and that some projects require a fixture that’s anything but ordinary.  As a family-owned company that has been in lighting since 1918, we enjoy the creative freedom that allows us to better meet unique project challenges and we’re able to give your project the personalized service and quick attention it needs.  When you need lighting that makes a statement, or when a standard product can’t fulfill the needs of a challenging space, let Bock’s creative and knowledgeable team create a custom solution that’s ideal for your next project.

Bock has the knowledge and experience to accommodate any modification or custom project.  Whether it’s a color or trim variation of an existing product, a custom configuration, or the complete design and development of your sketch on a napkin, if you’ve got it in your head, we can put it into production.  Our manufacturing capabilities and local, national, and international partnerships allow us to expertly handle all of your special requests and customized solution needs to meet the requirements of all of your projects.

Some of the most commonly requested customized and modified products include:

  • Mounting multiple fixtures in various configurations for a decorative effect.
  • Color variations to match the décor of a branded space. 
  • Changing trim styles to adapt to the architecture of the project space.
  • Altering the look of an existing product to suit the demands of the application.
We welcome your ideas and creative challenges, and look forward to working with you when your project demands something truly unique.  When your options are unlimited, the possibilities are endless...